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It’s World Engineering Day 2022 and we are celebrating the contribution of engineers around the world. Can you imagine a world without engineering?

We invited some of our engineers, working in a variety of disciplines, to share the reasons they chose engineering and what they find inspiring about it. Meet them all and read what they have to say:

Engineers – changing the world for the better.


Akshay Kumar Damodara

Principal Electrical Engineer - MEP

"I was passionate about mathematics at school, which made engineering an interesting subject. Now I’m happy that my passion and my life is engineering."

United Arab Emirates

Anamika Gupta

Senior AV/IT & Security Engineer

"My father, being an engineer himself, was my primary inspiration to pursue engineering. Our chats about his work and how technology worked always fascinated me. Today, my work in AV/IT and Smart technology is constantly evolving. What’s new today will be irrelevant tomorrow, and that keeps fuelling my inquisitiveness to learn and grow."

United Kingdom

James Warne

Director - Sustainability & Environmental

"I enjoy problem solving, which is at the heart of engineering. Balanced with the urgency of climate change makes it an exciting time for innovation and changes in the way we work. It’s a challenging but great time to be an engineer."

Saudi Arabia

Anjad Al Harbi

Architect AOR

"Architecture reflects how we present ourselves in our own environment, expresses cultural heritage and values. It is one of many reasons why I chose to be in this field, and I aspire to work further in developing these precious values."

United Arab Emirates

Rony Nasr

Senior Infrastructure Engineer – Hydrology Infrastructure

"As our most valuable resource, the social and economic impacts of water development projects are of supreme importance. Climate changes everything and we must act now through commitment, diligence, and innovative work. And for me, that’s what I love being part of!"


Joey Feng

Senior Civil & Structural Engineer - C&S

"Whenever I pass by completed projects where I was involved in the design, I feel a sense of achievement. It is not easy to design a building and each one has different challenges. I am proud to be a structural engineer."


Hemavathi Ramachandrappa

Junior Engineer - MEP

"At school, I just loved construction and dam design done by my teacher Mr. M.Vishweshwraiah, and a few stories inspired me to become an engineer. Engineers really do make difference to the world. Everywhere you look you will see some examples of their work, making a positive impact on everyone's lives. We design and build products that never existed before. As an engineer, there is always an opportunity to learn new techniques and skills, and grow with competence and confidence."

United Arab Emirates

Umair Riaz

Senior Geotechnical Engineer - Structures

"The most exciting part of being an engineer is developing the skill of sound judgement. Judgement is something that you gain through practice and is continuously honed over time. This inspires me the most."

United Arab Emirates

Arleen Cadaoas

Civil Engineer - Infrastructure

"I have always been a curious and creative monkey since my childhood. I am amazed seeing those great house designs, tall buildings, bridges and other infrastructure. I believe that the engineering industry provides a broader and deeper understanding and application of how things get done and how they work. I enjoy resolving the challenges and the opportunities to get innovative. And that's why I chose to be a female engineer and I'm loving it!"

Saudi Arabia

Abdul Juraij Kareem

HSE Engineer - Structures

"As an HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) Engineer, I am inspired to design organisation systems on construction sites that will protect workers and the public from hazards, making sure that site staff are kept as safe as possible at work."

United Kingdom

Sylwia Skoczypiec

Mechanical Design Engineer - MEP

"I have always liked challenges, and the job of an engineer is full of them. I like looking for new technical solutions and implementing them in projects. Working in my profession gives me satisfaction and allows me to develop all the time."

United Arab Emirates

Belal Samour

Technical Project Manager

"Throughout history, there have been many notable engineers and inventors who have changed the way we live through their creations and innovations. These are the reasons why I chose to be an engineer."

United Arab Emirates

Manreet Kaur

Structural Engineer - Structures

"Beholding the newly constructed Burj Khalifa as it pierced the sky while reflecting the sunlight and shone like a diamond, as seen from the window of my classroom in the 10th grade, was my first “Aha” moment.

I remember being awestruck, and I wanted to be a Structural Engineer.

These feelings were bolstered when I spent my time in Los Angeles for grad school and experienced my first earthquake. I knew I wanted to be someone who makes our homes a safe haven."

Celebrating our engineers.