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Building Information Modeling (BIM) – a digital transformation in the construction sector.

For the construction industry, it provides a significant opportunity to evolve by improving efficiency, productivity, and stimulating innovations to tackle the challenge of design, production, and delivery.

Digital Engineering for WME is the advanced use and integration of BIM, environmental analysis, and Mechanical Electrical Building Services design:

  • WME processes combine traditionally separate tasks (modeling, design, document production) into a single workflow, which leads to time-saving by increasing productivity and quality of design
  • WME offer bespoke solutions to tackle the challenges faced; WME will adapt our processes to adjust to the specific and unique conditions of the project
  • WME utilise Digital Twin to create accurate predictions on physical development, ensuring decision making is based on informed predictions more than intuition
  • WME use digital design to test and break models in the early stages of design, so that building performance is not at risk once the design progresses

Recent Global Projects

Dubai Hills Business Park

WME engineered a fast-track shell and core business park development for Emaar’s Dubai Hills project in the UAE.

Saffron Restaurant

WME carried out building services and Architect of Record services for the refurbishment of the Saffron Restaurant.

Commerz lll

The project is very large and our client is naturally focused on keeping control of costs. We undertook thorough cost reviews during the options assessment phase