Integrated Engineering

Well-integrated engineering is
the armature of successful architecture,
and underpins our approach to projects.

The process starts with close engagement with client and architect objectives, identifying how engineering can contribute and deliver effortless functionality.

At WME we take the broad view. Our understanding of the whole construction process — from the development of ideas to delivery, programmatic function and use — makes it possible to refine our engineering designs. We aim to identify opportunities, minimise risk and integrate the structure, building services and infrastructure with the architecture to achieve the best overall outcome: functionally, financially and environmentally.

We actively project manage the delivery of integrated engineering through the use of building information modelling (BIM), and have a history of pioneering this field. Our BIM clash detection system acts as a level of review — ensuring that the integration of architectural, structural, MEP and construction inputs remain intact.

For us, effective integration is also about team organisation and learning through projects. We take a critical approach, undertaking reviews from within and outside project teams. Our quality management system in the UAE is certified to ISO 9001 standard.

Recent Projects

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Meydan HQ

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