Data Centres

The demand for data has risen exponentially year on year, for most of our lives, with modern expectations for resilient and reliable sources of data being arguably ‘a human right’.

Right now, in a COVID-19 world, the home, as it has become a workplace, a school, and even an entertainment hub, has seen the progress for reliable services be as in demand here as in the workplace.

The data centres and computer rooms that feed this stream of data needs to be robust in the design, but energy efficient in their delivery.

  • WME’s global reach and experienced Engineers have the knowledge and capacity for your proposed scheme.
  • WME adopts a ‘Soft Landings Strategy’ throughout the project – engage Technical Engineering teams at the onset to ensure an Integrated Engineering and Design Solution; providing a ‘cradle to the cradle’ approach.
  • Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) – is geographically sensitive and requires an understanding of the opportunities and risks within the chosen location; WME brings its Global knowledge and experience to maximise the opportunities and design out risk.
  • Pre-Testing, Inspection, System Integrated Commissioning, and Operationally Evaluation – WME is active throughout the complete process and is the right partner for successful delivery and implementation.

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