Green Building Design

The largest global challenge of a generation is climate change. The construction sector is one of the industries contributing to this, and those companies operating within the sector are rapidly researching and developing innovative techniques and processes to tackle this issue.

The need for sustainable cities is only going to increase in the coming decades and so reducing the environmental impact of buildings will be integral part of any design.

Building Energy Experts

Having been created in the Middle East region, where conditions can be extreme and power availability constrained, WME is an expert in low-energy engineering design for hot climates — expertise highly relevant to low energy construction generally. Client aspirations, structural engineering and building services design all play a part. The earlier in a project programme that a low energy approach is adopted, the greater the possibility for extra advantages through efficient integration of structural and building services systems.

Our sustainable projects portfolio includes award winning education facilities, residential buildings, museums, and hospitality projects.

In addition, we support clients worldwide in achieving the highest levels of green buildings ratings such as LEED (SRG Tower), Minergie (Swiss International School) and BREEAM.

The LEED-Platinum SRG Tower features two wind turbines with a viewing platform, offering uninterrupted views of iconic projects in Dubai.

A Holistic Approach to Whole Life Cycle Design

Increasingly, low energy measures are becoming standard through government regulation and building codes — in the Middle East and around the world. Many of our clients want to go further, for altruistic reasons but also for financial reasons: a small investment can lead to big long-term savings. WME supports this approach, incorporating best practice measures into our standard services. They result in optimised buildings that are more efficient to run.

The Swiss International School in Dubai was the Middle East’s first low-energy building in the education space, achieving status with Minergie standards model.

Tailored to the Future Generation

Our work combines technical expertise, creative solutions and commercial viability that is tailored to our clients’ needs and objectives. Through this approach, we deliver tangible value to the projects we are involved in, with reduced energy usage, cost savings and improved performance.

Recent Global Projects

17 Icon Bay

Emaar’s Vida Group has been set up to operate hotels, resorts and apartments in Dubai and further afield.

Vida Hotel and Branded Apartments

Emaar’s Vida Group has been set up to operate hotels, resorts and apartments in Dubai and further afield.

Dubai Hills Business Park

WME engineered a fast-track shell and core business park development for Emaar’s Dubai Hills project in the UAE.