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WME works with and provides consultancy services to many Lead Consultants on masterplan studies of different scales.

Our holistic approach to examining the infrastructure needs of each project as an overall system presents our Clients with opportunities to select the most efficient development strategy. Recognizing the reality of climate change, WME engineering experts consider in these studies the implementation of sustainable urban planning principles aiming at:

  • Preserving the existing natural environment;
  • Maintaining the existing watersheds;
  • Planning energy efficient infrastructure;
  • Promoting water re-use and recycling, new renewable energy sources;
  • Ensuring long term water supply with high quality, safe potable water;
  • Using water and power wisely by introducing new high performance designs which focus on conservation;
  • Meeting the needs of future residents while being cost-effective; and
  • Protecting community well-being

Our engineering contribution to the Site Analysis and Context Masterplan reports involve development of complete and comprehensive baseline of infrastructure related information which function as a point of reference throughout the subsequent project stages. The overall purpose of our analysis is to determine the extent, location, material and capacity of the of existing infrastructure within and adjacent to the project site; define the ability to utilize some or the entire infrastructure; and highlight identified opportunities and constraints related to the infrastructure.

Recent Infrastructure Projects

Arabian Ranches III

Arabian Ranches III will comprise a selection of three and four-bedroom townhouses spread around a lush community.

Nikki Beach Hotel & Resort

Included in the resort are villas, bungalows, residences, a hotel, and a beach club providing sports, entertainment, dining, retail, and leisure facilities.

MAG Wellness Residences

The Dubai Mall, in the Downtown area of the city, is thought to the largest retail mall in the world by total area.

WME infrastructure planners collaborate with the Lead Consultants in development and evaluation of Master Plan alternatives by providing engineering input comprising:

  • Reviews of development issues associated with infrastructure works
  • Determine impacts of the alternative master plans on existing and proposed infrastructure;
  • Prepare high level infrastructure sketches for the utility services of each master plan alternative; and
  • Provide utility plot land requirements and recommendations for their location

We develop sustainable and economic servicing strategies to ensure that proposed infrastructure is planned with sufficient capacity to accommodate projected loads and support the new development. Our area of expertise encompasses the following infrastructure elements:

  • Road and parking layouts
  • Storm water management
  • Water supply
  • Electrical power distribution
  • Sewer collection and treatment
  • Telecommunications
  • District cooling distribution
  • Firefighting system
  • Irrigation

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