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WME has successfully provided Lead Design Consultancy (LDC) services on multiple projects in the Middle East Region.

WME consistently represent what it is to be an exemplar Lead Consultant, through an understanding of each client’s key requirements, presenting clear direction at design stages, and positively driving the team forward to achieve results. It’s not a straightforward role as one is to ensure that all the various mechanisms come together and work in unison but there is a sense of achievement when all the different components of a project fit together like a puzzle.

LDC is about effectively coordinating all disciplines to provide the best result for the client. As a Lead Consultant, we understand and appreciate what each contributor is doing, and how we can make sure they are able to produce work in a unified and productive manner that will achieve the best overall outcome for the project. A good Lead Consultant is an effective problem solver and a confident provider of informed and considered design decisions, allowing the other consultants to move forward with clear direction.


“Being LDC starts with the right mindset and the right attitude, to drive a project forward during all stages of design whilst being fully accountable for the design process.”

Recent WME Projects

Dubai Hills Business Park

WME engineered a fast-track shell and core business park development for Emaar’s Dubai Hills project in the UAE.

Saffron Restaurant

WME carried out building services and Architect of Record services for the refurbishment of the Saffron Restaurant.

Commerz lll

The project is very large and our client is naturally focused on keeping control of costs. We undertook thorough cost reviews during the options assessment phase

Kaaki Hotel

The project is very large and our client is naturally focused on keeping control of costs. We undertook thorough cost reviews during the options assessment phase

Marasi Business Bay

The Marasi Business Bay Parks 3 is a vessel community in one of the five Marasi Business Bay Parks located within the Dubai’s Business Bay canal.

Dubai Mall Perfumery Fit-Out

We worked closely with Emaar and Kinnersley Kent Design to streamline the services to each tenancy and ensure that the building services were closely and invisibly integrated with the interior finishes.

The LDC is the project guardian, who is at the forefront of the design coordination but always safeguarding quality and ensuring the programme is regularly tracked and the agreed milestones are met.

The Lead Design Consultant role includes:

  • Directing the design of the consultant team
  • Being the main point of contact for communication between the client and the consultant team
  • Coordinating, monitoring and reviewing the work of the consultant team (including specialist designers and specialist contractors as required)
  • Arranging consultant team meetings and planning work stages
  • Preparing programmes and progress reports
  • Seeking instructions from the client
  • Advising the client on the choice of procurement routes that best suit the client’s programme or budget
  • Advising the client on the need to appoint additional advisers, consultants or specialist designers
  • Establishing change control procedures at key stages
  • Arranging value management exercises
  • Assisting the client in defining the technical selection criteria for contractors and preparing the technical pre-qualification questionnaires
  • Assisting in the technical review of tenders

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