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Our infrastructure engineers are experts in the delivery of large-scale projects.

From huge low-rise shopping malls to multi-tower high-rise, from residential communities of 200+ houses to 45-hectare theme parks, WME’s experience is grounded in the diversity and speed of construction.

In the initial phases of a large-scale project, knowledge of the local market is key to navigating the complexities of government and municipal agency requirements and pursuing the speediest sequence for obtaining approvals. We look at a site’s overall situation from a masterplanning point of view, ensuring the utilities provision is appropriate. Large projects often require assessment for the phasing of works such as roads, based on which elements best support a client’s development plans, as well the construction logic.

WME is committed to a sustainable approach to the design of site infrastructure. We help clients assess the added value of a sustainable long term strategy, and we pursue best practice in the engineering design. For example, in stormwater management for Middle East sites, we use an advanced strategy derived from US practice that captures and manages water run-off on-site, which avoids generating floods further downstream.

Although the scarcity of stormwater in the region makes it uneconomic to store it for re-use, other recycling measures are used. On large-scale projects, sewage may be treated for use in landscape irrigation, and the buildings may use greywater recycling systems. We are focused on environmental protection issues and helping developers to see the advantages.

WME’s road and infrastructure engineers are often called upon to provide expert advice to the authorities. From a distance, the city looks like a forest of towers, but a closer look reveals a complex, largely low-rise, urban development underpinned by efficient arterial systems — created by engineers.

Recent Infrastructure Projects

D3 East Quarter

The D3 East Quarter project is a mixed-use development by Dubai Properties for the Dubai Design District (D3) on the Dubai Creek shore.

Green Community West Extension

WME provided road and infrastructure engineering services for the extension of Green Community West, a residential project delivering over 130,000 sq m of various kinds of accommodation.

The Palm Hotel

The 45-storey concrete frame Palm Hotel occupies a section of the Nakheel Mall site in the ‘trunk’ of the man-made Palm Jumeirah island complex in Dubai.

Dubai Parks Phase 1

At the huge Dubai Parks site, WME delivered construction supervision services for the four plots that were developed in phase one of the ongoing project.

Sudair Commercial Spine

WME provided infrastructure master planning, infrastructure engineering and road design for the Commercial Spine project

Riverland Dubai Parks

WME’s engineers worked on the detailed design for the above- and below-ground infrastructure for retail and entertainment complex Riverland, now completed on site.