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September 23, 2021

WME Celebrates 10 Years In The UAE

WME is celebrating its 10th anniversary of engineering excellence within the UAE this month. Over the past decade the company has grown from a single local office to seven locations…
July 5, 2021

Meet Jason Poon

Jason started his career as a technician in the civil and structural department of Swan & Maclaren Architects in 1970.  Since then, he has honed his skills through three generations, from…
June 13, 2021

Meet Manreet Kaur

Why Structural Engineering? Beholding the newly constructed Burj Khalifa as it pierced the sky while reflecting ​the sunlight and shone like a diamond, as seen from the window of my…
April 1, 2021

Quality in the Built Environment

The built environment is the human-made environment that provides the setting for human activity. From the masterplanning stages of the project, many environmental aspects are fixed that impact the final…