WME is an independent multi-disciplinary
consultancy providing engineering services
for the built environment.

Our vision is to deliver integrated engineering solutions
to architects and developers, recognised for the generation of
value, innovation and excellence.

We are based in Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, London, Riyadh, Singapore, Bangalore and Mumbai delivering engineering solutions around the globe.

WME is committed to providing client-focused integrated services. Our structural, building services and infrastructure engineers have an excellent understanding of conditions and practices globally, and a wealth of experience in international construction industries. WME works collaboratively with specialists in facade, fire, building physics, environmental and sustainability engineering.

WME’s engineers are passionate about creative buildability. We deliver practical cost-effective design solutions, developed through in-depth knowledge of best practice and an openness to innovation — at all stages of a project’s development and often in the most demanding of climates.

Our mission is to engineer, supervise and enhance developments from the inside out in support of a diversity of assets. WME specializes in projects that focus on performance, economics & sustainability. Ultimately by giving life to buildings without compromising the environmental impact.