Modular/MMC (Modern Methods of Construction)

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WME have been at the front of the modular approach to design and construction for many years, regarding it as a progression from off-site fabrication and modern methods of construction (MMC).

For modular construction to be successful, it has to be implemented as a strategy earlier in the design process, forcing key decisions on servicing strategies, construction methodology, and procurement. When done correctly, it does offer huge advantages in the program, quality, and environmental performance.

  • WME has the expertise to develop and deliver modern methods of construction, including a modular approach for any project.
  • WME has a history of collaborating with manufacturers on improving existing products and proposing new design solutions to eliminate a wide range of design/construction/installation/maintenance issues.
  • Each project is different, every location has its challenges and WME always ensure that all the project-specific opportunities are discovered and utilised. No two projects are the same, even with a modular approach.
  • Critical to the success of off-site fabrication is design for manufacture and assembly (DfMA). For a ‘cradle to cradle’ approach WME promotes design for disassembly.

Recent Global Projects

Dubai Hills Business Park

WME engineered a fast-track shell and core business park development for Emaar’s Dubai Hills project in the UAE.

Saffron Restaurant

WME carried out building services and Architect of Record services for the refurbishment of the Saffron Restaurant.

Commerz lll

The project is very large and our client is naturally focused on keeping control of costs. We undertook thorough cost reviews during the options assessment phase