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February 12, 2020

WME Global & Boom Collective Announce Merger

This merger with Boom Collective, based in London, United Kingdom, further strengthens WME’s position in offering full engineering services within the UK market. The UK based company will be known…
February 10, 2020

WME Global Increase Presence and Services in Saudi Arabia

WME Global is pleased to announce its increased dedication and commitment to the Saudi Arabia market through team expansion and new licenses within the region. WME Group Managing Director, Peyman…
February 3, 2020

WME India Launch #ImpactForGood

Rural education in India is an area where even the smallest contributions can have a major impact. With many schools in villages lacking in facilities and basic necessities, teachers are…
February 3, 2020

Cinema Investment in Saudi Arabia Set To Hit $1.33bn in 2020

Cinema investment in Saudi Arabia is expected to generate an estimated investment of $1.3 billion in construction during 2020, according to data published by the Cinema Build KSA. It revealed…
February 1, 2020

Construction of $32m Expo 2020 Luxembourg Pavilion 45% complete

The steel structure and the glass-fibre membrane that forms the pavilion’s Möbius strip design will be reusable. The $32m Expo 2020 Dubai Luxembourg Pavilion, which is located within the Opportunity District of…
January 22, 2020

WME UK Signs Structural Engineers Declare Petition

WME UK has joined its industry peers to become a member of UK Structural Engineers Declare. Structural Engineers Declare is part of a global petition with a collective will to…