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“WME commits to reaching true sustainability, including Net Zero carbon emissions by 2024.”

WME has adopted the One Planet Living®

strategy which is a framework designed to help businesses strive toward a more sustainable future. It recognizes the significance of assisting others in leading happy and healthy lives within the constraints of our one planet.

The framework is made up of ten ​​​​​​​easy-to-understand concepts
that address all aspects of social, environmental, and economic sustainability. This allows WME to use the framework in a holistic way to achieve its objectives and reflect the realities of people’s lives. It also helps WME achieve actual sustainability while avoiding the usual pitfall of greenwashing.

The One Planet Living® framework has been used to create One Planet Action Plans which outline key goals for each principle, strategies to achieve them, and how this will be measured globally. These action plans will be tailored to each office in a holistic manner, reflecting the realities of life in each location while still assisting in achieving the best potential results.


James Warne
BEng(Hons) C.Eng MIE

“Sustainability is not just about ticking boxes and talking about new technologies, it’s embedding a responsibility and mindset in our staff and collaborators.”

“WME is committed to providing a service inline with our values for true sustainable development, measured across the triple bottom line of environmental, social and economic governance. To achieve this we are committed to reducing the environmental and social impact of our business, and to make a positive difference to our clients, our team and the communities they live in.

To this end WME has developed a set of core commitments, inline with our Sustainability Policy, that seek to further improve our business, relating to our projects, our team, our processes and supply chain and our industry as a whole, so we may influence the built environment and help shape the future of our planet.

WME has been advocating sustainability since our inception, but recognise that we are globally in a state of Climate Emergency, and more must be done. As a leader in our industry it is important to lead by example, and to embrace challenges such as adopting Zero Carbon strategies and being an active part of the Circular Economy. We recognise there is only one planet, and we need to live within the constraints, in terms of people, resources and climate, whilst regenerating the wildlife and habitat that remains.

To this end we are seeking to demonstrate our business practice by adopting the One Planet Living® Framework to help obtain independent endorsement of our progress towards our goals and milestones, via Bioregional who will monitor our progress against this action plan, in line with the ten One Planet Living Principles.

This action plan places our projects and people within its heart, to ensure they have the right skills and processes to support them in continuing to deliver truly sustainable projects, and to enable use of solutions to the challenges that lie ahead and are needed to address the current climate emergency.”

Recent Global Projects

17 Icon Bay

Emaar’s Vida Group has been set up to operate hotels, resorts and apartments in Dubai and further afield.

Vida Hotel and Branded Apartments

Emaar’s Vida Group has been set up to operate hotels, resorts and apartments in Dubai and further afield.

Dubai Hills Business Park

WME engineered a fast-track shell and core business park development for Emaar’s Dubai Hills project in the UAE.