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Welcome to Kareem Ruhi, Engineer of the Year 2018 nominee.

Hi Kareem. To get started, tell us about your technical abilities and how you put them to use at WME?

“Well, I approach every engineering task with an analytical mind and strong attention to detail. It helps me develop solutions that meet project needs by minimizing the risks that may arise during the construction process.”

“I work tirelessly with many clients on the engineering requirements of each plot, reverse engineering the available loads to a plot whilst being respectful to the final outputs and design flexibility.”

“A specific example would be my work on the renewable power resources for the UAE pavilion, trying to maximize the electrical output of the panels, whilst respecting the Façade and budgetary requirements of the plots.”


As an Engineer, how do you feel you have contributed to the success of WME Global’s projects?

“As a Design Lead on numerous projects, coming from an Electrical/MEP background, I do not focus exclusively on my specialty but with the greater vision of a project in mind. This holistic mindset, helps to keep everything on track and maintain harmony among the design team members.”

“I focus heavily on maintaining my well-established client relationships. One method for this is being transparent in my communication to everyone involved in a project. This approach has led to me being personally requested by clients which is always a great compliment.”


How do you advance your professional development and where do you see engineering in the region headed?

“I maintain an ethos of, “if you don’t know…. ask.”

“I am constantly hungry to understand new technologies, systems and delivery methods. Recently, I participated in a BIM development course, which has in-turn highlighted the need for our engineering team to use BIM as an engineering and not just a drafting tool. Now I head the BIM execution team within WME and am managing the whole BIM collaboration platforms across all of WME’s global offices; UK, Singapore, India & the UAE.”

“My next aim is to acquire my LEED AP (BD+C) certification which will strengthen my green building expertise for a more sustainable design approach.”

“With the implementation of BIM technology becoming a fundamental part of the design process, I see engineering in the region becoming highly advanced. Things like virtual reality snagging will raise the bar across all consultancies in the region, ultimately making processes and builds more efficient.”


Kareem is nominated for Engineer of the Year at the Construction Week Online awards on 4th December 2018. WME wishes him the best of luck!