The Marasi Business Bay Parks 3 is a vessel community in one of the five Marasi Business Bay Parks located within the Dubai’s Business Bay canal. Al Abraj Street is the main road adjacent to the site. The total site area is approximately 6,190 sqm. Park 3 comprises of two Marina Parks: Park 3A and Park 3B, each of them consisting of On-Shore, Off-Shore, and Marine components.

WME Consultants have been retained to provide infrastructure consultancy services for on-shore and off-shore components through a concept, schematic, detailed design and construction stages of the project.

WME scope of work includes design of access roads & open parking areas, grading design, design of storm water drainage system, sanitary sewer, potable water distribution network, distribution networks for fire sprinklers and fire hydrant systems, irrigation main lines, power supply and telecommunication, design underground potable water storage facilities & pump rooms, sanitary lift station, etc. in compliance with the International and local regulations and requirements.