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Supporting the fight against Ebola in Sierra Leone

September 2014
WME is supporting construction charity Construction & Development Partnership (CODEP) in its emergency appeal for help in preventing the spread of the Ebola virus in the city of Waterloo in Sierra Leone. Parts of the city are in quarantine, and there are more than 20 cases in the hospital, where at least seven people have died.

CODEP has been working with the community in Waterloo, a city of 40,000 people, for more than ten years, since the end of Sierra Leone’s civil war. The charity has built a library and has focused on training teachers and providing the city’s schools with books.

As it is already on the ground, CODEP is ideally placed to help deal with the Ebola outbreak. It has been asked to take the lead in training people how to protect themselves against the spread of the virus, and help in the purchase and distribution of protective materials.

You can help too. To donate online, go to . Protective gloves cost £5, personal protective equipment £23, a large bucket £12.50 and chlorine is £10 per gallon.

Read about the campaign :
To donate :

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