WME, in partnership with DSA & Buruoj Engineering Consultant, were appointed to redesign the 600 key hotel and branded apartments located in Jeddah Corniche.

The project was designed in 2016 and the client has faced issues with technical compliance and coordination. The client wanted to incorporate some substantial value engineering to the project, ensuring the project was both buildable and viable.

Our structural designers made substantial savings of over 18% by implementing a number of measures including reducing the foundations by over half a meter. Our team optimised the truss bridge, reducing the steel bridge and cutting the bespoke high strength steel (620MPa) and using a standardised steel solution (355MPa).

The MEP team reduced the cooling load and eliminated one chiller from the design, as well as optimisation of the power, gas and water loads throughout the development. These changes brought monetary and spatial savings to the client.

The re-design was fast-tracked to 12 weeks for the total project including optioneering to the client in parallel to the construction on-site, which was at grade when the process was initiated. The collaboration between the contractor on-site and the design team ensured very limited abortive works for the client.

The value engineering ensured the savings could be used for guest experiences which are essential in a 5-star hotel.