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Meet Shaik Abrar Ul Huq

Shaik Abrar is a qualified architect and our Authority Liaison Officer. He likes working with the international architects that engage WME as architect of record (AOR), helping them realise concepts and smoothing the way through the various UAE authority approvals and permit processes.

Abrar trained in India and practiced there for five years, undertaking design and supervision work for a well known practice. Even at that early stage he knew he wanted to widen his horizons, and he went to work in Saudi Arabia for five years to gain international experience. A move to Dubai, working for a small combined architectural/engineering firm, gave him AOR experience. Dubai is now his home, and having joined us in 2014, he plans to stay.

“In Dubai, architectural design is hugely competitive. Architects are always trying to come up with something very different, something innovative. They bring us many challenges and try to push the boundaries set by the local authority regulations. But we can do it. We can help make the projects possible.”

He feels that WME’s approach to AOR relationships, specifically in seeking to work with architects and authorities from day one of a project, is fundamental to the success of his role. Undoubtedly, his ability to negotiate the complexities of authority requirements, understand client/architect design intent and coordinate our engineers in their respective roles is fundamental too.

“As well as working closely with the architects and authorities, I work with all the engineers in-house — structures, MEP, infrastructure — ensuring permit compliance. It’s very rewarding.”

He is certainly a multi-tasker.