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Meet Phil Dobson

Despite the pressures it can bring, mechanical engineer Phil Dobson relishes the speed at which the construction industry operates in the UAE. He likes the sense of achievement that comes with taking a project through the whole construction cycle, from start to finish, in such a short time.
“I like the challenges here, and the high expectations of clients. And I like the way that clients are open to new strategies and new technologies.”

Phil Dobson joined WME in May 2015 as an associate. His career path to engineering consultancy has not been straightforward but it has provided him with plenty of experience. His various appointments include work as a building services surveyor, a mechanical engineer and a site engineer — working in the UK, Africa and the UAE.

Five years out of university he joined the Manchester office of whitbybird (now part of Ramboll). During his time there, the opportunity came up to act as site engineer and client representative for the Equiano Centre — a library built by construction industry-led development charity CODEP for Waterloo, Sierra Leone. He later returned to Africa to take up a position with a combined architecture/engineering practice in Uganda, working on the United Nations MICT Court porject, hotels and commercial developments.

Wanting to keep abreast of technical developments in his field, he accepted a job offer in Dubai, transferring to WME a few years later.

“I love team working. Seeing people in your team enjoying their work, happy with the responsibility and with what they are doing — things don’t get better than that.”

Phil’s first job was as a car mechanic, which led to his interest in engineering. Trained in the UK, with a masters degree in mechanical engineering, he has found a career well-suited to his interest in exploring different regions and climates, adapting what he knows and learning new methods.