Working With

International Architects

Delivering Engineering Solutions Through Global Partnerships

We aim to deliver a high level of engineering with our partners across the globe.

Communication is key to delivering any project and in this modern world there are no limitations of how this can be done. We aim to ensure coordination, integration & communication on projects through an array of mediums including but not limited to the following:

  • Skype for Business, Goto meetings;
  • We-Transfer, The Cloud;
  • Work Sharing;
  • BIM 360;
  • Aconex, Conject;
  • Face-to-face via our local offices

WME is a well established international engineering practise and as such we look to work with global developers and architects to work on cutting edge project through all of our global offices. The projects and opportunities that we are presented with are delivered by a number of experts across the globe and as such we have aligned ourselves to deliver these projects as the engineer of choice.

By unravelling the limitations of distance we can select the best expertise globally to work on any projects regardless of scale, distance and time.

International Collaborations

WME have worked with international architects remotely on many projects such as the UAE Pavilion (Calatrava- Zurich) ), Lapita Hotel (CRTKL – London), Mekkah Teckno Valley (HOK – Hong Kong), Design district 3 (Fosters – London), Solitaire retail Mall (Benoy- London), Sky City Mumbai (EcoID – Singapore), Piramal Mumbai (CRTKL Seattle) to name just a few.