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WME’s Structural Engineers visited Jess School in Dubai this November, to showcase the engineering sector to its bright young students.

Louise Collins, Vanja Dimitrijevic and Michael Wood presented the latest and most innovative engineering projects currently taking place around the world, including those at Expo 2020.

The Jess students showed great interest in the many different engineering sectors that exist in the world today, especially after finding out how many of the world’s CEOs have an engineering background or qualification.

Sporting the WME safety hats, the class enjoyed some healthy competition against each other to build the tallest structure they could in 4 minutes.

WME’s visit to Jess School is part of a wider campaign dedicated to spreading the word of engineering in the next generations. Our vision is to broaden the horizons of young students and showcase all of the possibilities that an education in engineering can entail.

Well done and thank you to all of the students of Jess School Dubai.