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Congratulations to this year’s WME India MEP Presentation Championship for Young Engineers 2022 winner! – Sarika Menon, Junior Electrical Engineer – MEP, whose topic was “Emergency and Exit Lighting”.

The event was organized by Priya Sisodia (Associate Electrical Engineer MEP) and among the judges were Kenneth Heney (MEP Technical Director – DXB), Rahul Bhole (Director MEP – BNG), Rajeev Bhargavan (Technical Director – BNG) and Shreyas Badarinath (Associate Mechanical – BNG), Vinay Gangadhar (Associate PHE – BNG), Priya Sisodia (Associate Electrical – BNG), Sanjay Khetrapal (Associate Mechanical – BNG).

The event was participated by 5 other young competitive engineers: Pradeep Puttaswamy (Graduate Engineer – BNG), Priyal Narvekar (Graduate Engineer – BNG), Md. Hussain (Graduate Mechanical Engineer – BNG), Hani Mamoo (Graduate Mechanical Engineer – BNG), Mohammed Moosa Patel (Jr. Mechanical Engineer – BNG)

The self-chosen topics by other participants were: Disaster at Chornobyl, Lightning Protection System, Sustainability in Buildings, Digital Transformation in the AEC Industry, Introduction to Clean Rooms and its Working Principle.

It was a very interactive and fun-filled event with very interesting Q&A sessions after each presentation. All the participants were so confident, and everyone present on the jury was impressed by those young talents. It was a tough decision for the winner.