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WME completed another successful Knowledge Week in September, as part of the global vision to improve the expertise and wellbeing of the WME Team.

The week consisted of a number of classes hosted by team leaders and outside professionals covering all aspects of our engineers work-life. From learning about the latest innovations in the Middle-East office to finding more effective ways of managing stress and improving workplace communication.

Knowledge Week Singapore was greatly received by the individuals that attended, with feedback averaging 4.5 out of 5 for levels of information received and whether they would recommend to others.

We look forward to preparing the next Knowledge Week at one of our other global offices and continuing the efforts to improve our team on multiple levels.

HR Manager Ambika Nair said, “Our employees are our most valuable asset. Knowledge Week in WME is a week dedicated to our employees. A week full of learning and development sessions by various internal and external trainers.”

“This is a great platform to invest in our diverse staff at every level. Covering technical and non-technical training, the week hailed a vibrant atmosphere, giving the opportunity to all employees to take part in the varied knowledge sharing sessions from the experts. It was an interactive event with contributions from different teams in Singapore our global offices, which made it a great success.”