Kareem Ruhi

Bsc, IEng, MIET
Associate – MEP

“Transparency, consistency and responsiveness across all design team members are the major key elements to overcome today’s challenges of producing a high-quality product while being sensitive to accelerated project timelines and budgets.”

Kareem demonstrates impressive project management skills which leads to successful end results and satisfied clients. Throughout his 10 years of experience, he has developed great wisdom in allocating time spent on specific design elements during various design stages, thus, avoiding abortive works by the design team, without compromising the output quality. He has been involved in many BIM projects at which he managed, led design teams, hands-on designed and coordinated between different disciplines and companies.

As a Design Lead on numerous projects, coming from an Electrical/MEP background, he does not focus exclusively on his specialty but always has the greater vision of a project in mind – ensuring proper multi-disciplinary coordination takes place at the early stages of each project.

A deep awareness and seamless integration of the international engineering standards, local authority requirements, and developer guidelines is one of his strongholds, ensuring a smooth design process.

Through his involvement in challenging and high-profile projects in UAE, Qatar, KSA, Jordan and Iran, Kareem has supported innovative design solutions for clients and has been at the fore front of the Design Innovation on Technology and best practices.


Tel: +971 4 388 1616


Institute of Engineering & Technology (IET)
Jordan Engineers Association (JEA)
UAE Society of Engineers (SOE)

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