Ambika Nair

B.Com, M.Com, CIPD
Director – HR & Business Support

Business specialist Ambika Nair has been part of the WME team since January 2012. She has also worked with the WME’s management team while employed with her former company (Ramboll). Ambika is currently our Director of HR & Business Support along with being the Company Secretary to the WME Global Board.

Ambika joined WME at its founding stage and has been an integral part of the company since then. She is a highly pro-active, self-motivated and insightful HR professional, who is committed towards growth of people and the organisation.  She supports the company in all decision relating to strategic, organisational, and operational people matters to drive organisational performance on the objectives of quality, performance and compliance. Having 14+ years of experience in varied context including people strategies, operations, commercial, in-depth experience in construction industry and ability to get things done made her capable of managing a busy engineering practice.

She works towards seeing WME as an “Employer of Choice” and believes that employees are the strength of the organisation and keeping them engaged and motivated inevitably brings success to the business. Her years within the company have enabled Ambika to develop excellent communication, organisational and management skills, leading on to become an expert in the field of HR and administration.


Tel: +971 4 388 1616