SRG Tower is a 111-floor luxury residential apartment tower; a highly efficient, highly engineered iconic super- high-rise tower that resonates with efficiency, innovation, and sustainability and creates a new benchmark in future high-rise towers.

The tower is to be an instantly recognisable form, with luxury apartments, featuring a resort-style swimming pool, luxury lobby with cafe, multi-purpose rooms, and first floor retail.

The design was a culmination of architecture – structures – wind Engineering – sustainability – facade engineering.

The mega diagrid structure is a timeless and expressive feature, which not only resolves the lateral forces and transfers them directly to ground, but also creates an instantly recognisable architectural expression, making the building unique and iconic, while highly efficient in resolving the lateral wind loads on this extremely slender 460m high, 1:17 height to width ratio for a tower.

The double wind turbines exemplify the sustainability aspirations of the client in creating a building that will lead a new benchmark in the future of super high rise not only in the Middle East but also globally.

The turbines will create 500kW peak energy. This aspiration is further reinforced by the use of photovoltaic panels on all the spandrel facade panels between floors to create renewable energy for the common areas of the building.