The Reem Snow Park forms the centre-piece of the Reem Retail Mall in Abu Dhabi. As part of a multi-disciplinary team, WME provided lead design services to the spectacular and unusual leisure destination.

The 11,600m² facility is themed around a snow-covered enchanted forest and delivers experiences such as sledging, zorbing and zip-lining, across several distinct zones

As lead design consultant, WME ensured the interface between the specialist theaming consultant (thinkwell) and the snow making consultant (Adereast) where encompassed/Designed and coordinated into a fully integrated design package.

The 2 Pearl-rated retail mall is one of Abu Dhabi’s most ambitious and exciting retail and recreational venues. The complex fuses an extensive range of retail, food and beverage and family-focused entertainment offerings to provide a unique and memorable day out for the regions’ residents and visitors.