The D3 East Quarter project is a mixed-use development by Dubai Properties for the Dubai Design District (D3) on the Dubai Creek shore.

Working with leading UK architect Foster and Partners, we are delivering structural and civil engineering for the residential and retail complex, which will have a total constructed area of more than 378,500 sq m. The Dubai Design District is an area of the city that has been designated for uses that will foster the growth of design industries in the Emirate, providing individuals, entrepreneurs and business a focus for the region’s creative community. WME led the integrated engineering team under the lead architect ensuring full coordination and delivery at each stage.

WME’s architects of record worked with DM to amalgamate the 8 plots to 2 plot and negotiate final affections plans with Dubai Municipalities.

Resistance to lateral loads is provided by vertical cantilevers formed by Reinforced Concrete shear walls and cores which commence at the foundation level and continue up to roof level.
Due to the relatively weak underlying soil, the buildings are supported on piled foundations approximately 20m in length.

RC flat slabs are used in the basements and podium levels to reduce the floor to floor heights and to avoid any impact on MEP services distribution.

Larger service risers are required to service the apartments within the residential levels due to the non-uniform stacking of the apartments at some levels, i.e 2-bedroom on top of 1-bedroom etc. The structural design was developed to assist the Architect to achieve maximum flexibility by providing the maximum riser size at each floor level. To avoid any impact to the MEP services distribution along the corridors, 2500x425mm Post-Tensioned band beams have been provided which support a 250mm thick 1-way spanning PT slab between. The MEP risers are located between the band beams.