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Welcome to Vanja Dimitrijevic, Engineer of the Year 2018 nominee.

Welcome Vanja. To get started, tell us about your technical abilities and how you put them to use at WME?”

“I successfully carried out the structural design for Santiago Calatrava’s UAE Pavilion inspired by a falcon in flight, for the Dubai World EXPO 2020. When completed, the UAE Pavilion will be approximately 15,000m2 and will include exhibition areas, an auditorium, food and beverage outlets and VIP lounges. During my engagement on the UAE Pavilion project, I performed various complex and demanding tasks in different fields of structural engineering such as analysis, design and construction supervision. I am especially proud of the work carried out on this project.”

See more on the UAE Pavilion project here.

As an Engineer, how do you feel you have contributed to the success of WME Global’s projects?

“I have helped on several projects carried out by WME during the last year. Due to very onerous project requirements, most of my work was related to the completion of structural design for the UAE Pavilion, one of the most complex buildings to be built for Dubai Expo 2020. Successful delivery of this project has significantly contributed to WME’s growing presence at Dubai World EXPO 2020 as well as to the company profile and demonstrated ability to deliver projects of the highest complexity.”

“My commitment, attention to detail, hard work and quality of work produced also helped WME Global satisfy expectations of extremely high standard international client’s such as Santiago Calatrava.”


How do you advance your professional development and where do you see engineering in the region headed?

“Well, I started her career in 2012 as a graduate structural engineer in Serbia, where I advanced from the position of a graduate to a chartered structural engineer. I moved to Dubai in March 2017, to take up a role of Structural Engineer at WME and i’ve been a member of the UAE Pavilion project design team since.”

“I’m motivated by curiosity and desire for new opportunities to learn and develop. I really enjoy working on challenging projects that require tenacity, innovation and dedication.”

“I am an active member of the engineering community in the region an abroad, as well as being a member of Engineering Chamber of Serbia.”


Vanja is nominated for Engineer of the Year at the Construction Week Online awards on 4th December 2018. WME wishes her the best of luck!