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Meet Gary Sneddon

Associate Director Gary Sneddon started out as an electrician in his native Scotland. It’s quite a leap from there to the electrical engineering of the mega projects he now works on in Dubai! But then large scale projects have always attracted him.

Much of Gary Sneddon‘s early electrical engineering career was spent working for blue chip clients in Edinburgh, a low rise city where the tallest building is five stories. A move to London exposed him to larger projects. He also started to specialise in ELV systems — extra low voltage systems, used for data networks and for audio-visual and security engineering.

“I’m quite a techie”, he says. “I like putting things into buildings that I’d like to use myself.”

Among the projects he worked on in London was post-contract IT & security systems work in the Shard, currently the tallest building in the European Union (309.6m). He also worked in Paris for a while, and he completed a business degree from the Open University, while working full time.

However, he was about to leave Europe behind. Twelve years ago he had visited Dubai and he had liked it very much. He decided to return to MEP engineering, and make a move, as he didn’t want to continue working in London. He saw a job offer on LinkedIn posted by WME. Speaking to the directors in Dubai and London inspired him:

“I could see that WME was growing internationally and I wanted to grow with them. The conversations I had with WME were great.”

Even though he has only been with us for a matter of months, he says he can see the potential: the huge projects, the tight timescales and the career opportunities. And he likes the mix of cultures in the office, the diversity of the working environment.

The Sneddon family is moving to Dubai, including Gary’s 11 year old twins, who will be attending school here. He shares a passion for rugby with his son.

“It’s a complete change of lifestyle for me and an exciting time for us.”