25th September 2019


How WME Deliver New Technology & Designs in Engineering

‘Knowledge is power’ and communicating that global knowledge amongst us is a very powerful tool in a fast evolving market.


All WME Offices Presenting Together…

The conference will take place across all of our office timezones, bringing our teams together and demonstrating how WME communicates for pioneering projects.


The Schedule

18 presentation slots will be available at 20 minutes each, giving every office the opportunity to present their expertise to the world and our international teams. Slot allocations are listed below and each presentation will be based on a PowerPoint.


2 Slots - 1xSafety, 1xStructures

Bangalore & Mumbai

4 Slots: 1xStructure, 2xMEP, 1xBIM

Saudi Arabia

1 Slot: 1xAV/IT


8 Slots: 2xStructures, 2xMEP, 2xInfrastructure, 1xBIM, 1xPM


2 Slot: 1xMEP, 1xStructure

Global Coverage

All local staff will be encouraged to attend the live presentations. Alongside this, each presentation will be live streamed to the world and shared across our social following of over 35,000 users.

Our aim is to provide an interactive keynote experience for our following, demonstrating our innovative ideas and processes at WME.

25th September 2019

More information will become available in the coming weeks, including a full presentation line up once presenters are confirmed.