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Genevieve Graham

Genevieve Graham is WME’s newest intern and is based in the Dubai office. Originally from St. Louis, Missouri in the United States, Gen lived in Muscat for a year before finally settling in Dubai to complete her studies.

With a strong academic background and a love for reading, Gen achieved her initial degree in English Literature. Now her pursuits are a purely focussed on Civil Engineering as she studies at The American University in Dubai.

Due to graduate in April 2020, Gen is using her time at WME to gain valuable ‘real life’ experience within a leading engineering consultancy, with hopes of finding her most comfortable position within the project pipeline.

“I’m really trying to figure out where I fit in within the construction scene of Dubai. At WME, I want to learn the basics of the structural design process—from concept to construction to completion.” – said Genevieve whilst speaking with Marketing Director, Bradly Holdsworth.

What would you say to students thinking about an internship with WME?

Do it!

What are your career ambitions?

I want to be part of creating buildings that people can enjoy and carry out their lives in!

How do you plan to change the world!?

Not sure about the world, but hopefully I can change a city or two by helping create structures that positively impact the lives of those who use them.

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“Once I had the basics down, it was thoroughly interesting and I learned a great deal.”

Olek Zyborski

Olek Zyborski

WME invited a mechanical engineering graduate to join our graduate scheme for a month — you can find how Olek Zyborski got on in the article below. We also provided a two-month summer internship for marketing student Mariyam Al Amiri from Zayed University in the UAE.

Two school students from Dubai College worked with us for a week, each exploring the work of our various engineering departments as work experience. WME is a strong supporter of providing the potential next generation of engineers with opportunities to explore the possibilities.


Olek joined us over the summer for a one-month internship as part of our graduate scheme. He is training as a mechanical engineer at the University of Dundee in Scotland but had little exposure to the design of building services before he came to WME. Learning the terminology was the first challenge!

“Once I had the basics down, it was thoroughly interesting and I learned a great deal. Having the chance to work with so many different departments and different stages of project development gave me an all-round understanding of what goes into building projects, from start to finish.”

The main focus of Olek’s work with us was mechanical design and site supervision but, as he says, he had the chance to see projects at all stages. He contributed to the selection of equipment and calculations, plus attended project meetings. Would he join the company if the chance came along? “Most definitely”, he says.